right to life

right to life
Question from Colette Gilbert on 8/13/2008:

I belong to our local right to life group in South Lyon Michigan and we are looking for some answers and hope you can help.Our parrish priest is a wonderful man but has said that right to life is not catholic enough,we don't understand why he would say this.We will be meeting with him on Friday to discuss this issue.Could you please help us to understand what would not be catholic enough about it.Is there something we are not seeing about right to life? Thank you. Colette Gilbert.
Answer by Judie Brown on 8/15/2008:

Through the years, we have worked with many right to life groups across the country. Many of these groups are very good and adhere to a philosophy that is in concert with the teachings of the Catholic Church. There are some, however, that take positions that do not reflect Catholic teaching about the intrinsic evil of abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, etc.

Your local priest sounds like a man who examines the positions of organizations before he supports them. This is to be commended. He has obviously seen something with which he has concerns.

I pray that you will have a fruitful meeting with the priest.

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