Eucharist and Mass
Question from Anonymous on 7/26/2008:

I have not received the Eucharist for several years due to severe allergies which include wheat and grapes (other than some white grapes). I miss receiving the Eucharist very much. I also cannot attend Mass due to my allergies and sensitivies to all the fragrances, etc. worn by most people. I watch Mass at home, read the scriptures, and say prayers. How can I fill this void? Are there any other option for Holy Communion? Am I committing any sins because of my illness?
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 7/27/2008:

Anon, Some with your allergies attend a weekday Mass which is generally not well attended, thus reducing the problem of scents. If your allergy is from wheat, any priest would be happy to communicate you with the consecrated wine. Talk to your priest who may have other options with which I am unfamiliar. (INcidentally, you can receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation easily. Do you do that?) Fr. Bob Levis

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