Eternal life

Question from jerry Marino on 2/22/2008:

i am so confused with so many different views on salvation so naturally i wonder how do i inherit the kingdom of God?

Answer by David Gregson on 3/11/2008:
To understand salvation, consider what we're being saved from. Many Protestants speak as if we're saved only from the penalty of sin. Using a few Scripture verses taken out of context, they claim all we have to do to escape hell is to believe in Jesus, and accept Him as Savior. That's fundamental, but it's not all there is to it.

The Catholic Church teaches that we're to be saved not only from the penalty of sin, but from sin itself. That means salvation isn't complete until we are thoroughly sanctified. Sanctification begins with our Baptism, and continues through our lives. It requires our cooperation with the grace God gives us, particularly in the sacraments, to overcome sin. If our victory isn't complete when we die, it's completed in Purgatory.

Eternal life isn't just living forever. It's a likeness to God, the Eternal One, planted in us in Baptism. It's usually called sanctifying grace. It grows in us if we nurture it until we're ready for heaven. Eternal life is what makes us fit to live in God's presence.

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