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Question from James on 3/21/2008:

I understand why Luther expressed difficulties with the Book of James (its emphasis on the need for the Christian to put faith into practice) but why do Protetant leaders reject the wisdom-books of the Old Testament?

Thank you for all you do, Father, and may you have a blessed Easter.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 3/31/2008:
Probably because it would have been too transparent to have simply rejected particular biblical texts and teachings which did not suit Luther and others. Hence, they took the tactic of rejecting all the works of the Old Testament which conservative unbelieving Jews had rejected, which encompassed the texts and teaching the heretics wished to reject. In effect, though the Church had accepted these works for over 1000 years, Luther revisited an ancient issue to suit his own purpose and new form of Christianity.

Thanks, James

Father Echert

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