st peter

st peter
Question from Mark Grago on 5/13/2008:

Dear Father,

Was St. Peter really married as it says in Mark 1:29-31.Or can these verses be thought of differently? God Bless! MARK
Answer by Fr. John Echert on 5/14/2008:

We can accept that he was married but ancient tradition suggests that the Apostles lived celibate lives, once the Church was established and they were functioning in their roles as Apostles--including missionary work far from home. Other New Testament writings, such as the Pastoral Epistles of Saint Paul, reveal that a man married only once was eligible for Holy Orders, but again, ancient tradition suggests that they lived as celibates after ordination. It made perfect sense to eventually separate out the vocations of Holy Matrimony and Holy Orders.

Thanks, Mark

Father Echert

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