Pride and humility

Pride and humility
Question from Kyle Thebus on 5/5/2008:

Praised be Jesus and Mary

I attended a very interesting 3@BEC (20 something group @ St. Ninians, Cape Town) meeting this evening (5/5/08). The topic was pride and humility. And after discussing some scriptures, here is my question.

Can pride ever be a good thing?

To elaborate, for example, a mother being proud of her son for passing with straight A's...etc.

Please can you help me out...

Kyle thebus
Answer by David Gregson on 5/16/2008:

Sinful pride is defined as an inordinate desire for honor and distinction, to the point of being contemptuous of others, including and especially those set in authority over one. It's a mortal sin if one refuses to be subordinate even to God. A mother can be proud of her son without being contemptuous of others.

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