working on Sunday

working on Sunday
Question from Anonymous on 5/22/2008:

Please explain to me, how do we apply the teaching in the following situation... I want to start a family business, (Ice cream shop)and would expect that Sunday is a core day for the business, would being open on Sunday, working on Sunday be permissable? (FYI - Mostly my wife and I would run it, and during the summer my daughter comes home from college and could also help) (also FYI, I help out at our parish youth group on Sunday nights, so that might also be affected, the group continues fine on weekends when we are away) thank you Anon
Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 5/27/2008:

As best as can be done, we should refrain from working on Sundays if we can help it. Read the catechism, paragraphs 2184-2188 for beautiful teachings on the Third Commandment.

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