visionaries called the two pats from ireland

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Question from linda dockery on 5/21/2008:

I have a friend who recieves in the mail, books that has been written by the Two Pats from Ireland. They claim to reseive revolutions from Our Lord.

In their news book they send out, they are saying that our Pope (Pope Benedict the 16th) is The Great Deseaver..otherwise known as the Antichrist.

I am really concerned for anyone who would believe in this. What can I say to her to make her realize they are wrong....and have you ever heard of the Two Pats from Ireland (visionaries).

Thank you and God Bless Linda
Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 5/21/2008:

I have not heard of these people, but I'd encourage your friend to throw the books away.

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