same sex marriage

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Question from Chris on 5/29/2008:

Hi, Judie,

California just recently okayed same sex marriage, and now New York is following suit. I am wondering who in the Catholic Church is visibly fighting against this in the media? I just read yesterday where a doctor refused to perform artificial insemination for a lesbian woman and she is suing. Our religious beliefs and freedoms are being undermined by our court system and government. If you don't go along with some of these new cultural changes, you can be literally sued and also sued for hate speech. i.e. a landlord refused to rent to a homosexual couple on religious grounds and was sued; a foster parent couple were forced to quit fostering children because they wouldn't teach them about homosexuality; this lesbian woman I mentioned earlier is suing. This is so frightening! Can you imagine priests being forced to marry homosexual couples; doctors being sued if they refuse to perform abortions? It is getting so that if you refuse, you can be sued for hate speech. In my state, West Virginia, the work force is already forced to contribute to abortion when they pay their taxes. These are just a couple of examples. Don't think it can't happen here because it already is! Who in the Church is fighting back legally? We had better take a stand and soon. I would support anyone or group who is actively countering these law changes. Do you know of any? Thanks, Chris
Answer by Judie Brown on 5/29/2008:

Dear Chris

In 2006 the Wisconsin Bishops spoke out. See

In 2007 the Massachusetts Bishops spoke out. See

In California the reaction AFTER the fact can be read at

My point is that until the UNITED United States Conference of Catholic Bishops draws a line in the sand and stands on that line, such travesties will continue.

Judie Brown

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