NYS plans for stem cell research

NYS plans for stem cell research
Question from AER on 5/23/2008: Technorati Tags: , ,

Dear Judie, New York State has a "stem cell board" that has developed a "draft strategic plan" to decide how it will use it's $600 million 10 yr investment in stem cell research. This plan down, which down the road may include embryonic stem cell research, can be viewed at http://www.stemcell.ny.gov/plan_comment_form.php Brief comments can be made on the plan on this site till June 13th and their final action is June 27th. Can you post this for other New Yorkers to see and submit comments to oppose expenditures on human embryo research? Thanks.
Answer by Judie Brown on 5/24/2008:

Dear AER

We are happy to post this and hope others contact the state about this plan before the June 13 deadline.

Judie Brown

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