interfaith marriage

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Question from Anonymous on 5/23/2008:

Dear Fr. Levis, A friend of mine is a convert to the Catholic Faith. Her husband is a cradle Catholic and she converted a few years ago. When she was married the wedding was in a protestant church. A Catholic Priest was there. She was not baptised until her conversion. Is there any reason to beleive that her marriage was not a sacrament? She is concerned that they should have the marriage blessed or renewed. I always thought that if a Priest was a part of the ceromony then it was blessed by the church and a sacrament. And if this is not the case shouldn't the Priest with the RCIA have told them that they needed to redo or renew their vows?

I appreciate any imput. God bless you and Thank you so much for your help.
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 5/27/2008:

Anon, Apparently this women, a convert to Catholicism, didn't marry canonically. She should have b een married before a priest for validity. If her marriage was valid then it was sacramental. The priest at a marriage ceremony must receive the vows, not just be present. Why not consult with your local pastor? Fr. Bob Levis

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