Skin creams/aborted babies

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Question from Elizabeth on 5/29/2008:


I hope you can help me with this. There are many creams, as I'm sure you well know, that contain human collagen in them, and this is actually derived from the tissue of aborted children who are sold by the "batch" after abortions. I wondered if you, or any of your readers, know of a list of products that DO contain human collagen in them. Some of these products, like Aveeno, don't list their ingredients. Thank you!
Answer by Judie Brown on 5/29/2008:

Dear Elizabeth

On the narrow question of creams that might contain fetal cells from aborted babies, there is little information, partly because the federal government has rules that ban the use of these cells in American products.

If there is information about foreign products such as the statements about Chinese products a few years ago, they are rarely verifiable.

In the specific ase of AVEENO, which you mention, all of their material refers to natural products derived from herbs and grains; if they were using collagen from aborted babies, they would have to refer to a "human" source. They do not.

Judie Brown

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