The Document on the clarification of "Summorum Pontificum".

The Document on the clarification of "Summorum Pontificum".
Question from Dan Hunter on 5/13/2008:

Dear Rev. Father Echert,

Firstly thank you for your loyal fidelity to the Magisterial Teaching of Holy Mother Church.

Your responses to questions asked, reflect a love of Almighty God that is a Catholic testament to the gifts of the Holy Ghost that lie within your bosom.

My question, Father, is, when do you think the Holy See will release the document that clarifies the motu proprio,"Summorum Pontificum", and opens up the "mens" of the Holy Father so priests and laymen can hear exactly what Pope Benedict expects of the Church with his wish that the Traditional Latin Mass be made available to all Catholics?

The President of Ecclesia Dei: His Eminence Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos has stated, recently that the Holy Father wants the Gregorian or Tridentine Mass offered in EVERY parish, whether or not it is asked for.

This would be of great importance to the salvation of many souls if this is part of the Official Clarification of Holy Mother Church, and is obeyed by Her prelates and pastors. Your thoughts, Father. Thank you and God bless you. "Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini"
Answer by Fr. John Echert on 5/14/2008:

Having been on deployment I am behind on the news but certainly my curiousity and hope is peaked by what you write. We still await some clarifications on a couple more specific matters, regarding use of the vernacular for the biblical texts of the Mass. I guess when it comes to statement from Rome, patience is a must-have virtue. Meanwhile, let us keep up the prayers.

Thanks, Dan

Father Echert

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