The Way of the Cross

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Question from Nancy Maria on 5/27/2008:

Dear Fr,

I would like to know, if The Way of the Cross should be said only during Lent, or if it can be said at anytime. My husband and myself say the Way of the Cross everyday in the mornings and the Rosary in the evenings. We said it everyday during Lent and stopped during the Easter season, now we started the Way of the cross again and my husband say's that the Way of the Cross should be said during Lent and not now. I feel I unite my weeknesses, trials and the sufferings of many to the passion of our Lord. I do not feel that I have to say it only at Lent, Though I try I surely sin everyday and Christ continues to suffer for my sins . I acknowledge his sufferings and my sins with each Way of the Cross and also my own sufferings with his. So my opinion is that the Way of the Cross can be said at any time. Fr. please advise, should we say it only during Lent? Thanks and God Bless Nancy everyday, but He has paid for my salvation,
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 5/30/2008:

Nancy, The Way of the Cross is the story of our salvation, it remains central to our life of prayer and union with God. You have grown so much thru this devotion, never give it up. It is a perfect meditation, and so can be employed all thru all the varying seasons of the Church's liturgical year. Keep it up, encourage your spouse with you. Fr. Bob Levis

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