Is Hell eternal?

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Question from Martin on 5/22/2008:

Hi Fr. Levis

Is Hell eternal? To my understanding, it is not a physical place but a state where we never know the Grace of God. However, if God is all powerful, then can He take us out of this state and forgive us. I mean, if Hell is meant to be a punishment, then wouldn't we want forgiveness for our sins and want the chance to know God? Otherwise, it would serve no purpose as it wouldn't be penance for the sins we committed in life.

Thank you
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 5/23/2008:

Martin, The dogmatic and sure teaching of the Church is that there is a Hell, it is eternal, and admits no excape. If one enters death separated by sin from God, he is doomed forever. Fr. Bob Levis

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