Can Catholics pray for their deceased pets?

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Question from James on 5/23/2008:

Just recently my dog died. Her death was untimely and a complete shock to me. She was my only company and friend, since I live alone. Since Brittany's death I have been so depressed and I feel so lonely without her. I pray quite often and this includes the rosary. I want to pray for my beloved pet and friend, I am not sure if it is allowed by the Church since she is an animal and animals, from what I've been told, don't have souls to pray for. Could someone clear this up for me?
Answer by Catholic Answers on 5/23/2008:


I'm so sorry for your loss. May God grant you comfort and healing during this difficult time.

Animal souls are material and do not survive death. While we may hope that God might recreate animals we have known and loved in the next life, there is no need to pray for them in the interim. What you can do is to offer up your grief over your pet's death, in union with Christ's cross, for the salvation of souls. If you want to do so by praying the rosary for this intention, that would be fine.

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  1. I so totally disagree that animals do not have souls. Absolute rubish. In life they love, fear, have pain are intelligent and EXIST. Animals have souls.