Dating your sponsor

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Question from Anonymous on 5/27/2008:

Hi, I was born in Italy and raised a Roman Catholic, but was just recently confirmed. The sponsor I chose is divorced and would like to begin dating again. I think he would like to date me, but being Italian, I was raised to believe that your sponsor for confirmation is similar to your sponsor for baptism and therefore becomes your "Godfather" which means he is part of your family and you shouldn't think of him in any other way then a family member. So dating or any other kind of intimate relationship would be a sin. Those who I have spoken to about this seem to think I am wrong. Does a sponsor for confirmation here in the U.S. mean something different than what it means in Italy? Am I wrong in my thinking?
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 5/27/2008:

Under the 1917 Code of Canon Law, godparents were impeded by spiritual relationship from contracting marriage with a godchild. However, this was omitted from the 1983 Code of Canon Law for the Latin Church. So there is no problem in marrying one's godparent (sponsor). (The Code of Canons for the Eastern Churches retains this law.)

However, I must wonder about the marital status of your godparent. Is he free to date and marry or is he still bound to his first wife?

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