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Question from anonymous on 5/20/2008:

I know a physician who has had legal action started against him for not prescribing Viagra to a single male because of the physician's moral beliefs. Has the Catholic Church officially or unofficially documented any recommendations to Catholic physicians concerning this common medical situation to back up the physician's case? If not, any recommendations on whom to contact?
Answer by Judie Brown on 5/24/2008:

Dear Anonymous

I believe you are asking a question about freedom of conscience and the situation that a doctor faces when he cannot, for reasons of morality and ethics, do as a patient has requested. In other words, his freedom of conscience is in question.

The best resource for learning what the legal status is on this case, as I have no idea where the doctor you refer to resides, would be to consult with Pharmacists for Life International ( or the Conscience Laws project:

Judie Brown

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