California poll shows small majority favoring marriage amendment

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Los Angeles, May. 27, 2008 ( - California citizens oppose the court ruling that paved the way for legal recognition of same-sex marriage, and support a constitutional amendment to reverse that result, according to a survey published by the Los Angeles Times. However, the Times/KTLA poll show only a slim majority opposing the court ruling. The Times story notes that the results "suggested that the state is moving closer to accepting nontraditional marriages."

The survey found respondents favoring a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage by a 54 to 35% margin among registered voters. Proponents of such an amendment have already collected over 1 million signatures on a petition to put the issue on the ballot in November. The amendment's sponsors have asked for a stay in legal recognition of same-sex unions until after the voters have an opportunity to vote on the proposed amendment.

However, analysts for the Times observed that the 54% figure in favor of the amendment was not an overwhelming figure, and questioned whether the majority would remain intact as the November election date approached.

The Times/KTLA survey showed a pronounced generation gap among respondents, with younger Californians more likely to accept legal recognition for homosexual unions.

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