Early Church Concils

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Question from Shawn Smith on 5/10/2008:

I'm reading Steve Ray's book "Crossing the Tiber" and on page 54 he footnotes about the Canon of NT scripture being determined at the Council of Hippo (393 AD) and the Third Council of Carthage (397 AD). I tried to find those council document in your library but was not successful. Where can I access those council documents ?
Answer by Matthew Bunson on 5/25/2008:

A summary of the Council of Hippo’s decrees was read at the subsequent Council of Carthage in 397 and given approval. The acts were then included in the so-called Hispana Canons (a collection of canons compiled in Spain during the 6th-7th centuries) and became part of the Church’s general canon law.

I hope that helps.

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