Praying the rosary

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Question from BeBe on 5/22/2008:

When I pray the rosary with Father Mitch every morning as hard as I try, my mind wonders to other things other than the mysteries. I have family who I really want the pray for. On all but one decade I insert one of my grandsons name into the Hail Mary. "Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for (say name) now and at the hour of his death." I not only get prayers for them done,I find my mind stays very fixed on the mystery and my request. Is this acceptable?
Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 5/29/2008:

The Rosary is a mix of recited prayer and contemplative prayer. While it's perfectly acceptable (and a good thing) to pray for specific intentions, it is probably not good to "personalize" the ancient prayers of the Church.

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