Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul VI
Question from John on 5/9/2008:

Hi Fr. Bob,

This is more of a comment than a question but it seems to me that Pope Paul VI is somewhat ignored by history except for his encyclical on birth control which unfortunately, has been cast in a negative light.This is sad for he was responsible for the completion and beginning inplimentation of Vatican II and also ,if memory serve me correctly, took several trips outside of Rome which in that era was quite extraordinary.Being shadowed by Pope John XXIII and John Paul the Great probably makes it easy to not remember his contributions to the Church and the world as well. I would hope that soon some of our great Catholic authors would take up the cause of writing about this wonderful Pope who struggled with tough decisions but nevertheless was led by and followed the Holy Spirit in leading the Church. God Bless you Fr. Bob.
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 5/10/2008:

John, Right you are! John Paul the Great and Pope Benedict both are giant figures and it is the poor lot of Pope Paul 6 to be followed by these great leaders. History will not forget him. Fr. Bob Levis

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