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Question from linda on 2/2/2008:

My 9-year-old daughter has spina bifida and has great trust in Our Lord. I've taken her to healing masses before and she was quite convinced that she'd be healed. Of course, i explained that we need to trust when we pray, etc. etc. She hasn't been healed and I'm hesitant to continue going to these Masses and feel maybe it's better just to surrender and trust that there's a reason for everything and that our Lord is with her every moment..and go on with our lives, instead of praying for a healing that may or may not be in accordance to God's Will. Would this be wrong to do? Is there something in Catholic teaching that says that if we're sick or handicapped that our faith must not be strong enough otherwise we'd be healed? Please correct my thinking if need be. Thanks and God Bless.

Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 4/5/2008:
I always fear those "healing Masses", because sometimes people expect too much out of them. Yes, God is capable of all things, and He is able to heal any malady. But sickness and suffering are part of our human condition, and healings are the exception, rather than the norm. I'd be careful to explain to your daughter (in a way a 9 year old can understand) that attending these Masses is more to help her live with her situation gracefully, and to pray for others who are sick. Her prayers and sufferings have great power in God's eyes, even if we can't see it here on earth.

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