Glass or Gold Chalices

Question from Jason on 4/8/2008:

You mentioned in your response: "Reprobated...other vessels made from glass, earthenware, clay or other materials that break easily."

I understand this indicating no use of easily breakable materials. However, our parish uses very heavy glass, which if dropped, would chip and not shatter. Either way, if one drops the chalice (glass or precious metal), the Precious Blood would unfortunately spill. I guess I do not understand the prohibition on artfully crafted glass if heavy enough. The law seems to assume glass is easily breakable. I have seen metal chalices (antiques) that if dropped would break easily. Sorry, second question, is there a point where a chalice should be "retired" due to age and fragility?

Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 4/8/2008:
It seems to me that the appropriate response to directives from the Vatican should be obedience, not trying to split hairs and think of exceptions. "Reprobated" is a very strong term, and we should in response submit to the decision of the Church.

If a old chalice would easily break when dropped, then it should no longer be used. This is just common sense.

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