Eight deaths from legal abortions in Mexico City

Mexico City, Apr 7, 2008 / 03:13 pm (CNA).- The president of the National Pro-life Committee in Mexico, Jorge Serrano Limon, said he has confirmed that eight women have died from botched legal abortions in Mexico City since the practice was legalized last year. City officials, on the other hand, have said only one woman has died from abortion related complications.

Speaking to Notimex, Serrano Limon said, “We have the information, the dates and the names of the hospitals where they died. Authorities have only acknowledged the death of an underage girl at the Balbuena Hospital,” he stated.

The Pro-Life Committee and three other civil organizations have requested permission to participate in the public hearings on the legalization of abortion.

“We hope the justices will act in accord with the Constitution. We call on them not to issue rulings that are ideological or partisan in any way and to realize that life is the most important right,” Serrano Limon continued.

Since abortion was legalized in Mexico City during April 2007, 6,400 children have been aborted. According to the Pro-Life Committee, some 22 women have suffered severe injury.

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