Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Question from Richard on 4/2/2008:

Why is the Catholic Church and its priests not addressing the Chaplet of Divine Mercy? Very, very few parishes and dioceses are having services or encouraging the faithful to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily as our Lord instructed St. Faustina.

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy should be said by all as an extension of the Sacrifice of the Mass. Is this a secret or should it be part of our faith? Pope John Paul II accepted the faith of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Has this changed since he is dead?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 4/2/2008:

It is important to remember that the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is a private devotion based upon a private revelation. No Catholic is ever obliged as a matter of faith to believe in a private revelation or to practice a private devotion, even when those revelations and devotions are approved by the Church.

Certainly Catholics may respectfully encourage their parishes and dioceses to make the Chaplet more widely known and to offer opportunities for Catholics to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday each year on the second Sunday of Easter. But they must keep it in its proper perspective and not be tempted to try to make their personal devotion to the Divine Mercy revelation and devotion binding on the consciences of all (e.g., by telling Catholics that it "should be said by all as an extension of the Sacrifice of the Mass").

Michelle Arnold
Catholic Answers

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