celibacy vow

Question from Jimmie Crawford on 4/3/2008:

My wife and I are of an age that are children are grown with stable families of their own. To make it brief is there any provision for a married couple to take on vow of celibacy for the same reasons that anyone else takes the vow, I suppose. The vow would be a great penance for us as we have had an active sex life.

We could make our own vow to each other and God but prefer to be bound to the Church in the vow.

thank you,Jimmie and Elizabeth

Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 4/4/2008:
There is nothing in canon law that I know of that encourages a couple to renounce their sexual life. In fact, considering the fact that sexual intimacy is someone that is meant to enrich marital life and help maintain a strong marital bond, this seems inconsistent with the vocation of marriage.

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