Can a Mason becoming Catholic?

Question from Anonymous on 3/26/2008:

Please advise as to why a man who loves God his country and his family and has attened Mass every Sunday with his wife,who is a convert to the faith,is not wanted by the Catholic Church because he belongs to the Masons.How sad this is when the Church will not allow this man who has been involved in his parish for over 10years and now is told,after attending RCIA glasses for 6 months he is not wanted. Does Cannon Law actully state that Masons cannot become Catholics?

Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 3/31/2008:
Becoming Catholic requires renunciation of actions and practices contrary to the Catholic faith. If one wants to become Catholic, then remaining as a Mason would be contrary to that. Being Catholic is not a hobby but a way of life.

I have given lengthy answers about the problems with the Masons in past posts. Please review those.

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