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Question from Margaret on 3/5/2008:

Today some Mormon missionaries came to my door. Normally I would have invited them in to try to talk with them, but I was on my way to work and couldn't at the time. We had a brief discussion, however, and they tried to "just let me know there was another testament of Jesus Christ" and wanted to give me a copy. They pressed pretty strongly, emphasizing "another testament" once they realized I was Catholic and believed in the Bible. My question is, given more time what should I say to them to plant some seeds against the Book of Mormon and in favor of the Bible? Obviously just saying, "No, its not another testament" won't work. What does?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 3/5/2008:

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  1. Why not just take the Book and say thanks rather than try to Bible bash with them. Seriously Mormon's totally believe in the Bible so what would be the point of telling them how wonderful the Bible was? They already believe that.