Interfaith relationships

Interfaith relationships
Question from Mary Agnes on 5/13/2008:

I'm a strong Catholic believer from a strong Catholic family. I have had a boyfriend for five years but never been intimate. The problem is that he is a Muslim and my family cannot allow me to marry him because of his religion. Both of us cannot change our religions but we love and care for each other. My question is, what can I do?
Answer by Catholic Answers on 5/14/2008:

Mary Agnes--

If you truly love him, then you will want him to find someone who can join him in following God according to his conscience and to raise a family that is undivided in its understanding of religious obligations. If you are a strong Catholic, then that person cannot be you and you will be willing to sacrifice your relationship with him so that he can find a Muslim woman. If he truly loves you, he will sacrifice his relationship with you so that you can find a Catholic man with whom you can seek sanctity and raise a Catholic family.

That said, if you are determined to marry a non-Christian despite your family's disapproval of an interfaith marriage, you do not need your family's permission to do so. Together with your boyfriend, simply contact your pastor and find out what needs to be done to ensure that the marriage is valid in the eyes of the Church.

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