Priests and celibacy...
Question from Michael on 3/12/2008:

Hi Father, I find it easy to understand why a priest should not marry..for reasons other than simply wanting to have a family and all that goes with it. The parish Ibelong to is a very active one and out pastor is always doing something. There are so many duties he has to perform that I can't see him devoting much time to a wife and kids if he were the financial responsibility is impossible because of his vows. His parishinors are his family here on earth. I'm sure that if he were married...someone down the line would also accuse him of taking money from the church to support his family as well. That is how society is today and it would cause a scandal and take away from his priestly duties. Like Jesus says...You can't serve two masters. am I right ? Thanks, Michael

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 3/15/2008:
Michael, YOu are 100% correct. The people we serve are our family. We all have too much to do, to serve thousands of believers and non-believers as best we can, to teach them, to console them in death and daily mistakes and failures. Michael, actually we are married - to Christ our Groom. Jesus calls Himself the bridegroom and the Church his bride. Very true. Many thanks for your understanding. Fr. Bob Levis

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