Victim of rape

Question from Anon on 3/26/2008:

Dear Judie,

How best is it to answer someone who says that a woman who is raped should not have to suffer the consequences of bearing that person's child? I know abortion is a great evil but how can i argue for the woman to keep her child when this has happened to her.

Many thanks

Answer by Judie Brown on 3/27/2008:
Dear Anon

First of all, the criminal is the man who criminally assaults the woman. If a baby is conceived during that tragic event, the baby is not the criminal and should not be killed for the sins of his father. We have to understand that a criminal rape is devastating for the victim, and if you compound that pain with the realization at some point in her life that she also participated in the death of an innocent child, the combination can be even more crippling psychologically and spiritually, not to mention physically.

There is a wonderful young woman in Michigan who speaks on this subject, and I commend your attention to her website: Rebecca Kiessling:

Hope this is helpful.

Judie Brown

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