Last Supper

Question from Rebecca on 3/19/2008:

Which are the thre things Jesus did at the Last Supper? What four actions did Jesus perform with the bread at the meal? An essential part of the Passover ritual was the singing of the 'Hallel'.What does Hallel mean? At the very end of the meal the great Hallel was sung.Which is the Psalm sung before they went out to the Mount of Olives? Which two words refer to the Passion and Death of Jesus? When Jesus returned fron Prayer during his agony, he found the three disciples sleeping; he said three things to them.What are they? Jesus underwent physical abuse at the hands of the Jewish temple soldiers.Identify the four ways in which Jesus was physically abused? Jesus was brought to a place called Golgotha which is translated as? Death of Jesus.Jesus cried out in a loud voice "Eloi Eloi Lema Sabachthani".-which is translated as?

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 3/19/2008:

This sounds like a take home exam and if so, you need to do your own work.

God bless,

Father Echert

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