Priests Not to Marry
Question from John on 3/15/2008:

Father Levis. I was, for a while, attending an Episcopal church. I recall the Episcopal priest privately complaining that a parishioner had called him at home in the evening about something. He complained, "Don't people realize that I have a private life?" Being a strayed Catholic at the time, I remember my silent answer to his complaint, "That's why the Catholic Church has unmarried priests; so that they can fully serve God through their congregation." I say, it was my siltnt answer. I didn't have the guts nor really the knowledge to answer as such. However, I do now. Don

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 3/15/2008:
John, A very apt reaction on your part at the time. The Catholic unmarried Priesthood is very, very demanding. Pray for priests lest their youthful enthusiasm fail. Fr. Bob Levis

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