Sign of the Cross

Question from A Catholic on 3/17/2008:

Dear Dr. Geraghty, do we have to make the Sign of the Cross before every prayer? I have prayed with Protestants a few times in a class I'm taking and I don't make the Sign. I figure this is different than not doing it in a restaurant, because everyone already knows you're a Christian. What do you think? I'm not commiting a sin, am I?

God bless and thanks

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 3/26/2008:
Dear Catholic,

The fact is that making the sign of the cross would indicate to everyone that you were a Catholic Christian. What could be wrong with that? It would let you and others know who you are. I would say to go on and make the sign of the cross. I wouldn't say it was a sin not to do so. But I would say it might take a bit of courage. Being courageous for the faith is a good thing.

Dr. Geraghty

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