Gift of Tongue

Question from Frank Bui on 3/21/2008:

Dear Fr. John Echert, Does the gift of tongue still exist in our Catholic Church today? And if it does, then in what language should it be? I am anxiously waiting for your answer, Father. Frank Bui.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 3/26/2008:
We do know that there abounded in the Apostolic period miracles and charismatic gifts, at a time when signs were needed to confirm the truth of the Gospel and the Church. But these diminished substantially following this period, in part, no doubt, so that people would not be attached to the miracles and gifts themselves, rather than to have a pure faith without signs. While I cannot say for certain, I am skeptical of charismatic gifts today, at least on a large scale, though I will not deny the possibility of them or some charismatic graces in some places or circumstances. If we witness a major resurgence of miracles, as was the case in Apostolic times, then I would expect the same of charismatic gifts. This is merely my opinion on the matter.

God bless, Frank

Father Echert

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