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Question from Rocio on 3/19/2008:

I'm very confused. I'm Catholic but never really knew much about my faith. I recently started to read the Bible and watch to programs on TV. I had always heard that Mary never died, that Jesus took her while she was sleeping, and now I find out that she did die! This might sound ignorant to you but I really don't know. I have in-laws that are born-again Christians and try to tell me that what we believe in the Catholic Church is wrong. I get very upset because I really don't know how to answer to defend my faith.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 3/19/2008:

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  1. The answer is - we do not know for sure.
    If Jesus could die (which he did), then Mary could die, although death (both physical & spiritual) is the wage of sin.
    She could have been taken up body & soul into heaven before death like Enoch and Elijah were, or it could have happened after death. The Bible shows that not everyone has to die before being taken into heaven.
    But to say absolutely she did die or that she did not, is wrong. As far as I can tell, we don't know absolutely that she died. But we do know that she was assumed (raised) into heaven like Enoch and Elijah.
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