removal of the blessed Sacrament

Question from Colleen Digby on 3/25/2008:

Should the blessed Sacrament be removed from the tabernacle when the church is being used for a secular function i.e. school concert etc.

Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 3/25/2008:
I have seen this done. However, there are no clear rules on this. Perhaps the question should be, Is this secular function appropriate for inside the church? If it not appropriate to be done in front of the Blessed Sacrament, maybe it is not appropriate to be done in the church building.

Still, in some situations, a secular (but inoffensive) event may attract many non-Catholics, and there is no possible alternative location. In this situation, perhaps it is prudent to remove the Blessed Sacrament. However, the removal of the Blessed Sacrament should not be a green light for bedlam in a sacred place.

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