Was Lazarus dead

Question from carol on 3/17/2008:

Dear Father John, In a homily our priest said that Lazarus was in a coma and not resurrected from the dead but resuscitated. I have never heard this in a homily on this gospel. When we asked him about it he said, Lazarus couldn't have died because Jesus said "this illness will not end in death". Can you clarify this for us. Thank you, Carol

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 3/17/2008:
That is the most ridiculous and inexcusable statement I have heard from a Catholic pulpit; it is nothing short of rationalism, that is, a rejection of supernatural miracles and an attempt to explain every miracle and supernatural event of the Bible by some natural means.

Honestly, I would NEVER trust that pastor again and would find a new parish. He is badly misled and probably does not have faith.

Thanks, Carol

Father Echert

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