Jesus`s bones

Question from Katherine on 3/12/2008:

Hi Fathers, is it is writen in the old testement that the messiah will not have his bones broken when he was crucified. Well when Jesus is crucified in the new testement, he has nails driven through his hands. I would think that having nails driven though ones hands would cause the bones in ones hands to break. But if Jesus`s bones in his hand broke then he couldnt be the messiah. I am confused. Will you please explain this to me? Thankyou greately!

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 3/13/2008:
The requirement that there be no broken bones refers to the divine mandate that the lambs offered for Passover be perfect, and not broken legged castaways, not only because they are offered to God but because they pre-figured Jesus, the Lamb of God. In fact, the Gospels record that while the soldiers went to the two criminals crucified beside Christ to break their legs--this hastened death, since they would sufficate from the weight of their bodies--they found our Lord already dead. Thereby the prophecy was fulfilled and the perfect Lamb was offered. While one might think it possible to break a bone with nails--that that is possible--we should not assume it, in the case of Christ, especially in light of Divine Providence, the prophecies, and any evidence to the contrary.

God bless,

Father Echert

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