The 12 tribes

Question from Kathy Dachenhaus on 3/12/2008:

I am a convert. I thought that I understood part of the bible. The other day while watching Web of Faith. Fr. Levis made the comment that he thought that some of the 12 tribes came from Abraham son with Sarah handmaid. I thought that the 12 tribles all came from the sons of Jacob, son of Issac, son of Abraham or is there something that I am missing. Fr. Levis box is full so I cannot ask him so I thought I would refresh my mind.

Thank you for you time and may God bless you and all your loved ones.

Kathy Dachenhaus

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 3/13/2008:
All twelve sons--heads of the twelve tribes--are descended of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in this manner: Abraham begat Isaace, Isaac begat Jacob, and Jacob begat 12 sons by four different mothers (two were full wives and two were concubines). That is the biological order and family trees.

Thanks, Kathy

Father Echert

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