The Value of The Sick and Elderly

Question from lisa annette on 3/11/2008:

To make concern this relevant to your bin, I will say that it IS a pro-life concern, considering that taking care of ones parents in their old-age and sickness is a matter of respecting life. Thank you for your prayers nonetheless.

I am so sad for my parents---and mostly that they have a daughter like me that can't do quite as much for them as I need too. I am married, 42, with a baby and two teens. I do have a brother and a sister who could help, but there are problems there. My brother is 48, mentally ill, and jobless and lives with my parents; my sis is 55, recently retired, finacially comfortable with two grown and working children. My dear brother helps as he can but is often unreliable. My dear sister is angry at my mom and dad because she doesn't "believe" my brother is mentally ill, and blames them for making things "easy" for she just averts helping them altogether, and calls them rarely. Meanwhile my 77 yr old mom is dealing with advanced osteoporosis and CAN NOT physically manage anymore with helping my bed-ridden 79 y. old dad who is ill with cancer. He needs to be helped with ALL of his needs

I go every day, twice daily, with my baby and make their (mother, father, brother) lunches and suppers and help my dad move around---they do have night-time care, and some daytime care from nurses, but the other hours must be filled. I am going nuts, I admit, since my 20 month old child still believes the world revolves around her, poor thing. I try to accommodate both sides, but my mom always encourages me to defer to my littlest daughter.(I often carry her as I am doing stuff, which makes for great biceps!!) But though I help them only as I can, it is not enough. I do not want them to get discouraged and think their life is meaningless---they have taught me so much even in these late years. Please, pray for them.

Life is precious. Every moment, from beginning until the end. For the elderly or ill, there might not be the vitality of youth or good health, but there is more than these passing things: there are lessons of love and patience that are eternal. I pray even for my dear sis that she may get over her difficulties.

Thank you for you time and for letting me rant---I don't have any other means but this to speak my mind. This post is like a prayer--I glorify God Always for Life and Love and for my dear parents who sacraficed so much for me. For all who read: God Bless you for all eternity.

Answer by Judie Brown on 3/16/2008:
Dear Lisa

I am sure your parents realize what a blessing you are to them, and it is my prayer that you will begin to appreciate all that you are able to do for them and not concentrate on the things you simply cannot take care of. You know, we are all human and each of us has limitations, but because the Lord has blessed us with the ability to love we are able to do things that are far beyond what we expect of ourselves, and you are a living example of that.

We praise God for you, your children and your parents. We promise to pray for all of you.

Judie Brown

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