Kneeling during the consecration

Question from Roshelle R. Gleason on 3/16/2008:

After 12 years for being married to a Catholic man, I have finally decided to become Catholic. My husband and inlaws have been Catholic's for some time and have seen changes in the church in which we attend. One of the changes is standing instead of kneeling during the consecration of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus. When I ask the father why this is not a standard of the church to kneel during this time, when I have attended another Catholic church in where everyone kneels; he said that it has become a preference and that it is only a US costum (kneeling). The sister that is teaching the classes, brings up the point of Vatican II changing it and "bringing in fresh air" and that the church needs to be in unison in standing as group and if I knelt during this time I am not setting a good example. Is kneeling during this time a preference or part of the church teachings that is suppose to be done?

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 3/17/2008:
There is NOTHING in Vatican II that mandated, recommended or imagined that kneeling would be abandoned in the most sacred part of the Mass. If there are kneelers in your church, then your pastor is simply in violation of the norms (rubrics) which govern the posture of the faithful during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. No doubt that is not all that is wrong with the Mass and other aspects of your parish. Personally, I recommend a new parish, at least for now, as you will NOT convince your pastor and his liberal staff to another course of action. Only strong and solid bishops make such corrections to a parish, in which a renegade pastor is in place.

God bless,

Father Echert

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