Stations of the Cross

Question from Marina on 3/17/2008:

Dear Fr. Levis, Thank you for answering my previous post concerning St. Josph's Day. My question is can Stations of the Cross be said at home and still be as "effective" meaning the person saying the devotion can stll be open to receive the same grace as the person saying it in Church? The reason I ask is because sometimes I am unable to get to Church to say the Stations of the Cross especially during Lent but I say it at home and meditate on each station focusing on the suffering Our Lord endured. Thank you for your attention. -Marina

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 3/18/2008:
Marina, I suspect doing the Stations at home is loaded with grace, but maybe not with indulgences. Never mind that, just keep up your wonderful devotions. God will reward you. Fr.Bob Levis

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