my son receiving his sacraments

Question from laura on 3/16/2008:

Hi, Fr Echert-I have a question that I hope that you can answer-not really scripture-related. I came back to the catholic faith three years ago. My son, nearly 12 yrs old, isn't baptized but will be at the base chapel next Saturday at the base chapel. He will receive the other sacraments of first communion and confirmation I think on the mother's day weekend. Is that okay? He is in the RCC at the base chapel and unfortunately, the week before mother's day, I have to go tdy for 4 days at Dover for port mortuary training (I am in mwr/services unit at Charleston). I will leave 1 May and return 5 May. He may miss the last RCC class before receiving the other two sacraments. He will go to confession before the other two sacraments due to the fact that at his age, he does slip up eg masturbation (oh boy!:( ). Being a base chaplain yourself, I was wondering if this is the air force catholic thing? If it's okay, no problem with me. Oh, by the way, Happy Easter. Thanks and hope to hear back soon-sincerely, laura :)

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 3/16/2008:
It is great that you are back to the Faith and you are working to have your son fully initiated, but he MUST be baptized prior to reception of any other sacraments. It would be great if you can accomplish this through the Catholic Chaplain in time for the others to follow according to plan, but if not, plan to delay the others until your son is baptized.

God bless, Laura

Father Echert

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