EWTN.com - What does church say about marriage to paraplegic?

EWTN.com - What does church say about marriage to paraplegic?: "What does church say about marriage to paraplegic?
Question from JS on 8/14/2008:

I know that a part of the sacrament of marriage is to bring forth life, but my close friend has been paralyzed for 20+ years and has no bodily functions below his waist, so having children with him would not be 'impossible', but not likely. We have both been married before, and I have an annulment, he is working on his, and I have 3 children from my previous marriage. He has a child from before his marriage that was given up for adoption-this was before he was hurt. Is it acceptable to be married in the church knowing that the likelihood of having children is very small because of his injury? We don't plan on using any artificial contraceptives if and when we do get married...so I guess we are open to having children, it would be in God's hands. What does the church say?
Answer by David Gregson on 9/30/2008:

A small likelihood, or even no likelihood, of a man and woman being able to have children is not an impediment to their marrying. Church law governs not the inability to have children, but the refusal to have children (at a particular time, or ever)."

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