‘Bella’ star joins 40 Days for Life vigil at L.A. abortion clinic

‘Bella’ star joins 40 Days for Life vigil at L.A. abortion clinic: "Bella’ star joins 40 Days for Life vigil at L.A. abortion clinic

Eduardo Verastegui with his friends at Family Planning Associates

Los Angeles, Oct 1, 2008 / 12:47 pm (CNA).- Eduardo Verastegui, the Mexican actor who starred in the movie “Bella,” joined pro-life sidewalk counselors and prayerful demonstrators at a Los Angeles abortion clinic on Saturday as he counseled women to turn away from aborting their unborn children.

Many of the demonstrators were present at the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic as part of the 40 Days for Life campaign.

John Anthony, co-coordinator of 40 Days for Life Los Angeles, described Verastegui’s efforts in an e-mail to CNA.

The actor arrived at the clinic just after eight in the morning and stayed until shortly after noon. According to Anthony, Verastegui spent time in prayer and counseled and encouraged women to keep their babies, acting with “love, tenderness, humility and compassion.”

Verastegui and his four of his friends showed some women the pro-life film Dura Realidad (A Hard Truth) and directed mothers to the Los Angeles Pregnancy Services (LAPS) crisis pregnancy center for help.

Anthony told CNA that LAPS was “busier than ever,” reporting that one LAPS staffer said the morning was the busiest they had ever seen.

“Five babies were saved that morning!” Anthony said. “Prayer and love in action were key and beautifully exemplified by all present.”

“The day had a dramatic ending when eight nurses from the mill came outside to meet Eduardo!” Anthony continued. “He spoke with them and gave them a Miraculous Medal as well as a copy of the video Dura Realidad.”

John Anthony asked for prayers for the women who made “precious turnarounds,” the conversion of all clinic workers, and for Eduardo Verastegui, whom Anthony called “a courageous witness and backer of courageous words with action.”"

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