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EWTN.com - holy day obligation: "holy day obligation
Question from Anonymous on 9/5/2008:

My husband and I are both cradle Catholics and go to mass on Sundays. But when it came to Holy Days sometimes he would not go so I would remind him of our obligation to also go on Holy Days. However, he would be obnoxious to me about my reminding him and it was stressful for me. Now I just let him know when 'I' am going to mass for the Holy Day and let him worry about his own obligation to go. Is this wrong for me to take this position in this matter?
Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 9/30/2008:

No, your husband is an adult and you obviously can neither force him to go nor punish him for not going. You're extending the invitation to him, and that's all that Christian charity would expect you to do."

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