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EWTN.com - Holy Day Obligation: "Holy Day Obligation

Hello Father: I belong to a Roman Rite parish and sometimes I attend a Byzantine Parish up the road on Saturday @ 6:00 Pm to fullfill my Sunday Obligation and I was wondering; Now with (ALL SAINT'S Day)-NOV 1st) around the corner can I also fullfill both my Holy Day Obligation as well by attending Mass There @ 6:00 Pm even though ALL SAINTS DAY isn't a HOLY DAY in the BYZANTINE Liturgical Calender GOD BLESS !!! John Fleming

Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 10/28/2008:

If you are a member of the Latin Church, then you are not obligated to attend Mass on All Saints Day since the obligation to attend Mass has been abrogated this year because of the fact that the solemnity falls on a Saturday."

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