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EWTN.com - Abortion in Ireland: "Abortion in Ireland

Dear Judie, I wrote to you previously from Ireland about the 'Cura Four.' We had a great victory this week when the British Parliament had no time to discuss the amendments to the bill going through at the moment. Some British M.Ps wanted abortion to be introduced in Northern Ireland. Last Saturday we went to Stormont, the seat of politics in northern Ireland to protest and say we refused to have abortion in Northern Ireland. We stood in torrential rain and cold for over 3 hours but we were highly edified by knowing that the four main political parties in Northern Ireland were solidly on the pro-life side. On Wednesday we heard that there will be no abortion in Northern Ireland, at least during the present government's time. There have been protests of course from the F.P.A. ( Family Planning Organisation) stating that women have lost out but we are ecstatic at the moment. You'd be pleased to know that buses from all over the Republic of Ireland were also at Stormont. There were 3000 people there altogether. I thought you could use some good news. Praise God. Kathleen Tierney-Pilkiewicz Ireland.
Answer by Judie Brown on 10/24/2008:

Praise God and thank you for sharing this amazing news! What a great grace it must have been to be a public witness for the babies!

Judie Brown"

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